Models Wanted,

              the 2017 season is upon us, time is fleeting!


Imagine yourself in pictures:        Don't MASTURPAINT any longer,         stop, let me do it!     gladhanding


 From sketch,                

  from  photography,                 massage the toe video          rotating model

to film and video.



See also: Portraits


   see this model in the movie "KLIMT" with John Malkovich:



Ms. S.

 Female artists-models wanted for drawing, computer modeling and ePhotography. 
Berkeley, California / and in Vienna Austria.
I am looking for enthusiastic individuals with an interest in art.
You need not think of yourself as beautiful, I prefer to work with models who simply take pleasure in art.

Work part time as per arrangement in exchange for artwork or for an hourly salary.

picture from a recent model session

from a recent model session

Interested? Contact me 510 292 1914 in California

eMail to:   


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