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Your free language lesson for today:                         Ace hole (E)  or Assloch (G)   Correct! "Ace hole" (E) , "Assloch" (G)       

lense          New video / animation work by :

                                                Click on the painted tram to "open the doors" to see the 3 min. mp4 video             

English (left door)                                                      German (right door)                

                  Jolanda Richter video link EnglishDeutschJolanda Richter's website

To read the story of how the Light Rail video-project came together CLICK HERE to evoke a .pdf

a file that details all the things that went wronk (a comedy of errors).      

   Or click the far left of the train to go to Jolanda Richter's website.

Note:   Compare with 2000 years ago,  photographed in the Dunhaung Mogao Grottoes in China:

I should mention that these images were not known to Jolanda until long after decorating the train.

Dunhaung Mogao Grottoes  Dunhaung Mogao Grottoes

Dunhaung Mogao Grottoes   Dunhaung Mogao Grottoes

Below are two pictures of the synthetic gallery that was assembled in cyber space to make the animations:

synthetic gallery     alternate perspective

The Decorated Light Rail Train as it could be seen and photographed in Vienna, Austria:







                             Anamorphic images are distorted images that re-assemble without distortion               

in a suitably reflective geometry.

W/O distortion:rectangular image         distorted:polar distortion                        


The following animation is drawn in roughly 900 frames. 

Each frame  in distortion to be viewed in a cylindrical mirror where it can optically 

reassemble without distortion. See:

An Anamorphic Animation on a tablet computer, a cylindrical mirror  placed on top of a tablet.

(In this case  a paper coffee cup wrapped in silvered mylar, see stills right below) 


mirrored  mirrored image  reaching hand



Position the mirror as shown above just like in the "PC version"- demo -video:           t

Then click the lady on the left below           

to see the Anamorphic (distorted) Animation            



actual screen shot: with mirrored cylinder

                                                                                                                     Click the lady on the right              

if you don't have a cylindrical mirror on a tablet            

or simply wish to see the demo.              





Book in progress, publisher inquiries welcome (click the nose to learn more):   FXM

 Franz Xaver Messerschmidt

                                              The book:  Franz Xaver Messerschmidt in English.

The definitive book about Franz Xaver Messerschmidt; 300 pages, second edition  02/2014                     


You will receive the original book in German, delivered as monochrome .pdf file.

   And the translation/interpretation in English as (e book) .pdf file,

mostly in a page for page structure that allows for parallel (dual language) viewing.

                                                                                           View the pages in parallel for educational/language purposes.

                                                                   Delivered to you as CD USD 38.-

Translation/Interpretation in English as e book (pdf files) - available as direct eMail delivery USD 22.-


Use    on your orders and send a confirmation of your order via eMail,       

other arrangements are possible contact me by eMail       












           kicking red high heel shoe

A rewrite of the red shoe story will come on line by Fall  2014

Meanwhile you may read the original by clicking into the red shoe above.

Equipment failure has kept updates at bay - the studio is back in action, see 

the  most recent  series of inspirational drawings 

(soon to be oil paintings)









All inspirationals are multi media (ink, color pencil and such),                                  

ca.19" wide each and may be purchased as extensively worked giclee's for US$ 369 each.         


contact me by eMail          






sister rotunda


post care


phone gone by by




All of my pictures are for sale and can be reproduced in size that suits you - contact me.  


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 Here are the chapters of the red shoe story so far:       

   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5 .         


Note: A major overhaul of the stories is about to take place.         





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