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                       DelARTe: Still Green and Ethical, and as always"pro bono, contra malum!"    

                                                   And now for: MMXV      


Still @ it, DelARTe  2015 (MMXV)        




Note:    DelARTe remains a pro bono, contra malum site



Inside and around the studio:

cat and drawing    sperical


Olmek meets Messerschmidt

coffee helps

Pungent odor?  heads up                

This very cat

Keyline for an exploding Olmek head     white line drawing            

Huh?!?       a spot of crumpe got away

Ready , aim ........... fire?        ready to throw a shoe?

Photographs from recent excursions:                                                  

Still at it after all these years:        Reich                           



Chromatose    Rah, rah for the chromatose    



Let nature do the painting for you:   the future of painting          



Clergy at the ready?     monks?                         



"All the world's a stage", would Beethoven have liked this?  red pump


The devil is in the details     The devil is in the detail


The news is:   That the  red-shoe story  is no longer fiction,

nor is the shoe a prototype, it is now a product. 

 Here are the early chapters of my red shoe story:         

   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5 .  



I just know Gustav Klimt would have liked the idea ....... Gustav Klimt grave                    







Sculls of undetermined origin from the Vienna Woods:  Scull 

another scull:        


Models are often and frequently wanted:               

You may be the next entry in the pages of art history

click the last picture for details     

 models multiple modelsnested models                     


(This is your chance to someday look back in time

and have done something outrageous, 

so be outrageous, be a Mensch!)    

So, tiptoe through the Tulips, while you still can.




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