Title: Tiny Bubbles                                       Catalog  A17  # 00016

Signed and Dated: 2008                                                                       rev. 2                 by:har


Theme:   A polarizing filter and the surface tension of soap bubbles on a model make for

imagery in tension.  Drawing them on paper makes this an interesting conversation piece.

Keep your guests guessing.






Description:  giclée, color pencil and water color on acid free paper, signed in pencil

by Herb RanhARTer,                 http://www.delARTe.com

Price:  USD 269.-  all taxes included,  framed, fob Berkeley, CA, USA.
image size:  12x18   Paper size: super B, 13x19 inches      limited edition:  ‘of 269


Price:  USD 269.-                                           framed