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Adventures of the FMP, chapter three:

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Chapter three: A series of nightmares (a direct reflection of the goings on all around?)

Goings on or not, what goes around comes around; to haunt you!

Perhaps the Cern experiment had gone wrong after all, physics, at least the physics we learned in college no longer apply as is evident from the photographic evidence presented. The concept of hyper space took on a whole new dimension; a dimension literally beyond the fifth dimension. No, not induced by four fifths (cameras don't drink), rather a new dimension in hyper space. (Hyper space can easily be visualized by way of a simple example: Every time you hit the bottom of the barrel, low and behold there is another bottom, another pit below, one that allows you to sink even further. That is applied hyper space theory; a bottomless pit.) Perhaps all hinged on the famous European Doppler Effect (whereby "Doppler" is the German term for a double liter of wine), I remind you of the now infamous cold fusion in a beer glass experiment, but all this is wild speculation. Let this, following, Opera experiment be limited to the Opera browser.

Here are some of the documentary photographs:



        Something nasty had clearly occurred at the poolside.



Perhaps poisoned darts? Who would have thought it?         The odd thing is


that someone or something had moved the evidence by the time the observer returned

The shoe had moved from the house to the garden .... was all of this a dream? Did the speed of light really change when channeled through Italy? Time to move the server out of the EU, if not because of the currency, most certainly because of the speed of transmissions!

    Reality kept bobbing up and down and around.



     Even the dates on the pictures kept leapfrogging to the point where the sequence of


events became entirely obtuse.  Leaves shape-shifted and leapt from page to page       






The day before theater still seemed to be all the world

and the stage was always set:

But that was the day before, now it was all a hyper stage, certainly not to be trusted.


Present and past continued to convolve.  

Mind you: The Pope is on my site!                  


Notice that:   "If something can happen, it already has happened."

After all: Infinity goes in both directions, past and future (plus and minus.)

The presence itself is a mere perceptive anomaly of insufficient staying power.

(All this is known as: "The Ranharter extension to Murphy's law".)



It is thus that the story is propelled.

By the time you read this you are facing an updated version of what was said.


The season is early this year, what do the spiders know that we are missing?


Flipping a birdie can sometimes lead to new perspectives.





Never feed the snakes in the public parks.

Not only will they bite the hands that feed them, they'll bite them off!

Adam together with his sons Carin and Able,

they know about such temptation.

Jeanne D' arc followed the lead to true emancipation.

From a metal suit directly to a ballroom gown with high heel shoes.

Without the bothersome detour of burning her bra.

Off course, if the shoe doesn't fit, you have to do more thinking.

The pillars of the community know all about that and will encourage you/her accordingly.

Where is all of this going?

You ask.


like the rest of the country.



To be continued as soon as new nightmares arrive.


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