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Chapter four: "Where Poopsy meets a bitter end" (#4)


Adventures of the FMP, chapter four:

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Chapter four: The harvest of REM sleep.

What went around ...... came around; haunting you!


What could possibly go wrong in a pristine setting, you ask?


It all trails back to art, time and time again. Posing for an artist? Ha! The world, well perhaps only the USA, will soon teach her a well deserved thing or two. Mind you: "I was young, I needed the money", just doesn't cut it when it comes to good old homestead morals as practiced here at home. We want to aspire to real values, values from the bible belt.

Incest is often described as "the game for the whole family" and is widely practiced on those long Internet-less nights in the heart land. Alas the practice leads to nothing good, well, certainly not in the long run, and especially not for the youngens involved.




Thou shall 't not make images. Well, as those who actually do use our language properly know: Images are not just pictures. An image is a concept built around some complex; any thing will do to create such a fantasy and that is where sin comes into play, in the fantasy; in what isn't real and thus leads to evil and deceit. So, if you look at the picture and enjoy the beauty you're OK; if you turn it into a goddess and warship it you have gone over that line where evil lurks. So, we are only dealing with pictures here nothing to be afeard of.

Mirror, mirror on the wall:


Who has best red shoe of all?

The magic mirror betrays a split personality, one that is split between desire and what is good and proper in the eyes of those who assumed judgeship (against all instructions). The cure is to isolate the proper personality from the undesired one, plunging the model into yet more irreconcilable turmoil.



How to come to grips with "all that is"? " Was", "will be" and "has been."

Perhaps some leisurely activity at the beach will do the trick. "Little oysters won't you walk with us? The day is warm and bright. A little walk, a little talk would be a sheer delight; and if we get hungry on the way we'll stop and have a bite ......."



After strenuous exercise a rinse in the drink suggests itself.



Yes, the shoe must be taken care of as well, but better not use salt water.



The ensuing flight from the boardwalk scene necessarily left some unmistakable traces, traces that aren't easily gotten rid of.

How to cope when found out that became the all consuming question, how? The pressure kept on building: Fight or flight?




To the country, the antidote to the beach (so to speak): The Sierra's, why hadn't she thought about it before?

The home of the Dryads should afford some refuge.


Not as pristine as it used to be. Hmmmmm.



And they say size doesn't matter, ha!



The landscape is overwhelming, bombast, megalithic. Hiding among the tourists somehow failed to produce the desired results.


The nerves had to be calmed, lest a relapse leads to undesired action.

A two fisted approach was clearly the way to relaxation as coping became harder and harder. One mouse click and the shoe remembered all that had transpired. And thanks to the software installed by the Serious Cybernetics Corporation, LLC. the shoe remembered every place it had been to and it kept asking to download it all to some dubious cloud repository, probably worse: To Facebook, to be shared and seen by everybody. The ensuing junk mail alone would have been an unbearable waste of time.


An still the shoe wouldn't dry. Insufferable!!!


This demanded a more energetic remedy! When the wind changed a new venue had to be found.


Too much, too soon, too often .................The Dryad, the Dryad!!!!!

Only one way out?

Picturing one self under intense pressure turned out to be a nasty experience.

Was this real?

At any rate, dropping the other shoe didn't heighten the experience at all, on the contrary. The action did yield some useful self portraits to post and somehow it cut the amount of response mail as it was now perceived to be useless to reply.




To be continued (?)

Yes, as soon as your graceful donations arrive.

Every cumulative ten $ shall result in another picture and a new paragraph.


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