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QED      QED

Going for (a) fall with what's left of life.                     

An Overdose  for the Chromatose:             

Definition of Chromatose:          
Incapable of choosing an item-appropriate color; a color that doesn't offend.          


needs to be defined:         abstraction

Def.:  Existing as an idea without necessarily having a recognizable existence,
or having been removed or derived (abstracted) from something.

Attention: Immediate danger!
Beware of cyber forensics: Any picture, video and all text is now automatically recognised, traced and may serve procecution as required. Information is encrypted in your edit.  This goes further than than just that: It is an attempt to harness the labors of all to assemble a profile of eveybody by way of face-, imge-, landscape-, artwork-, funiture-,gps location-, etc recognition. All will then be used to market to you and control you with surgical precision. Any purchase you have ever made, any website you ever went to will be used against you. George Orwell meets Microsoft Windows, Cell phones and everything else you engage. Face, gate, clothing, your car, your DNA etc. will be engaged to control you!

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