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In my opinion:

(Drawing on the collective conscious around me; chronological, last entry on top.

A Pro bono, contra malum effort.

.   The Republican attempt to stiffle the Fed is criminal! All in an attempt to unseat Mr. Obama at the cost of the health of the nation. This is foul play in all senses of the word!

Throw them all out, the bad and the good and start over. All the players must go!!!

.   A call on you, and all your friends who can afford it:
Let's get ourselves out of this economic slump. So, for all that can afford it: Buy something major,

something you may have held off on for some time. Let's knock the European socks off, shall we!?
It is time to kick some!

.   It has become habitual among politicians to reiterate what is currently felt by the public - this is not a course of action nor is it a platform this is a condescending form of negative feedback! Do not fall for this maneuver!!!

.   One important thing is to speak against squalor! Lets no longer settle for third rate; let it be top of the possible from now on. When you are purchasing: Go for the good, the lasting quality, the cheapest is not the best, and it costs the nation more in the long run in replacement and maintenance cost. Heaven knows the best isn't all that lasting anyway, but at least it increases the quality of life. Let the enemy be "the problems inherent in all things", not each one of us to another. The $ numbers will surely bear out the long term advantages for us all!

.   The time has come to serve up a sweeping agenda for a better world all together. All must speak up, enough nonsense already! Call things for what the are, stop the dance of politeness and focus on humanity at large. The aim of any new administration needs to be an improved life stile for all; that is all around the globe. Spell it out loud and act accordingly. Strive for win - win business ventures whenever possible. Take a stand for justice. Cut out corruption, craft and nepotism and all other solely self serving activities. Good business is business that protects the environment and draws up the collective to a better life. Even if this is not always the case if the aim is for the good of the planet many transgressions and mistakes become a lot more palatable. Cut the sniveling bleeding heart liberalism and get to work on substantive issues that affect the globe and thus all of us. Stop harvesting political capital off of petty nonsense issues and get to the core of things. Aim for the good of the planet, there is plenty of work and business that needs doing just to keep the elements bridled without adding human destruction to the frey.

.   Unemployment has a lot to do with the absence of trustworthy skill. Just try to find a reliable contractor to have your house repaired and you'll know what I mean. A good first step in the right direction would be to stop inflating the undergraduate degrees, not everybody can pass an academic grade. At the same time give people a chance to do something manual, something they are suited and trained for.

.   The enlightened ones among you have surely wondered already as to what comes after a TRILLION.
Allow me to bring you up to speed: "It's a ......., wait for it, ...... yes, yes! A
KILLION!" Sort of a requiem for the American penny.

(And the pope is seriously considering sainthood for George Bush.)

million = 10 ^ 6
billion = 10 ^ 9
trillion = 10 ^ 12
quadrillion = 10 ^ 15
quintillion = 10 ^ 18
hexillion = 10 ^ 21
heptillion = 10 ^ 24
octillion = 10 ^ 27
nonillion = 10 ^ 30
decillion = 10 ^ 33
unodecillion = 10 ^ 36
duodecillion = 10 ^ 39 when will it end?

.   The election is the message (without the bothersome detour of offering real solutions) just point out the ailments and hope for the best.

.   Usama Bin who? Good riddens, time to move on; at the same token: Nothing to gloat about!

.   From now on every political speaker shall be hooked up to a lie detector while speaking to the public, complete with the terrorist detection and emotion detector already in use at major airports. The results should be displayed simultaneously with the speech and as long as we are at it they might as well be hooked to an electroshock generator or an electric chair as well.

.   Sing to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club:   B A R   A C K   O B   A M A   - compromise never avoided pregnancy. (Remember you heard it here first!)

.   If you have ever felt at a loss to explain HYPERSPACE here is an answer; while listening to the news time and again when I think: "Now we have reached the bottom of the barrel", and yet there appears another yet lower bottom below, with no end in sight.   

. Important appeal to all media: Stop confusing serious national healthcare issues by gratuitously interchanging MEDICAID with MEDICARE !!! Medicaid is welfare, Medicare is bought and paid for by its participants.

. Why do they call a downgrade to "worst possible nuclear accident" an upgrade? (It's not true anyway, the worst is yet to come.)

. Let's use the lie detector/emotion detector software they use in airport security systems and examine political candidates in the coming elections while they speak and debate to find out whether they speak the truth or not. We paid for all the research already, might as well put it to good use!

. Another satanic plan by Al-Qaeda is putting a new nuclear plant into California's Central Valley. Let's not put a nuclear power plant into the world's bread basket, that would be absolute madness!!!

. Help for the government budget: A good start would be to prohibit city, county, state and federal overtime of any kind! They might even have to hire some more people and get more work done for the same money, and on time.

. As per NPR this morning: CIA operatives are running around with, and I quote: "walking money"; that is money given away freely to buy friends who might turn allegiance and come over to our side. All this in an effort to diminish corruption in the Arabic lands? Is anybody awake?
Anybody at all?

. Important appeal to all media: Stop confusing radiation and radio active pollution!!! This ambiguity muddles the issues and borders on criminal ignorance. The news media must stop to perpetuate the confusion about these two things that require all together different measures of protection. You cannot wash radiation away! Once exposed for lengths of time the damage incurred is irreversible not unlike a severe sunburn but inside the body and thus not readily detected.

Yes, there is ambient radiation around us at all times, but the effect is cumulative. Adding more to it makes it cumulatively more dangerous!!!

. If the online sales pages would give us good quality and aesthetic designs, and tell us the details we need to know to make a decision (such as price, size and other important spec's) instead of trying to trick us into buying junk by obscuring the facts many people would buy more things and the economy would be rip roaring. The fear of being lied to time and time again stifles commerce!

. Don't find a thousand reasons why things cannot work, find ten why it would work and push for it! Lest we all drown.


Admirable, and yet I think it would be better for humanity to give voice to the unheard artists not just to the conventional choices of the museum-management-mafia that judges by what the piece fetches at auction or conversely promotes some social cause that serves their own agenda.
How about a "world studio tour" where every one involved in the arts can have their say and show a few choice pieces who knows what inspirations might emerge.

. In spite of being an excellent speaker Mr. Obama would do well to take speach making lessons from Cal. Gov. Jerry Brown. You may well agree or disagre with what was said; none the less the speach was dynamite! Especially the deliberate challenges with which the audience was confronted and thus involved.

. The problem persists:

To refer to new "applications" as new "technology" does great disservice to humanity. It dilutes the accuracy of our language and promotes confusion, allowing dark forces to operate with impunity and it confounds the feeble even further. The practice is bad for all, another example is: To confuse the terms radioactive with radiation as is done all too frequently by our media. Stop such practices where ever they are encountered, and you will have asserted real power on the universe!



Terms to contemplate, as they seem to have been forgotten:

For: Life, Business, Politics & Culture

Action, not Reaction! Compassion, Grace
Assimilation, Integration, Consideration
Healthy Mind, Healthy Food, Sensible Conduct
Manners, Decency, Consideration
Civility, Accurate Information, Informed Discourse
Skill, Opportunity, Justice
English Language, Win-win Business practices, Patriotism
Real Products, Real Investment, Not Speculation
Real Capital, Real Prices, Real Savings
Ethics, Integrity, Sensible Considerate Practices
Disclosure, Reliability, Honesty
Meritocracy, Training, Access
Education, Development, Esthetics
Culture, Creativity, the Arts
Creativity, Innovation, Impact analyses
Orderly Immigration, Compassionate Laws, Sensible Enforcement

. Banks should not loan or not loan on their perceived moral grounds as is now the case with WIKI Leaks. That's not just a slippery slope that's a sharp leap into a totalitarian abyss!!!

. If there is one thing the American public will not tolerate it is a conciliatory, apologetic intellectual. This won't do at all!!!........ Foiled again.

There are certain compromises that are not acceptable. Just remember that every crack hoar started out as a virgin.

. We of the "over sixty set" highly recommend not to be full body scanned at the airport! After all a free pat-down is worth the little wait. This will be good for the economy as we all sign up for flights that have as many stop-over's as possible. Best offer I had in years!!!.

. Now that the interest rate is near 0 (zero) why don't we refinance the national debt so as to reduce interest payments. If that can't be done let's at least execute the people who negociated these lame terms on our behalf in the first place.

. We need you Mr. Obama to call on the nations "well to do" for a good-will effort over the next two months: Call for those that can afford it to spend an extra 20% over what they would normally spend over the Christmas season this would go a long way toward economic recuperation.

. Call for stopping the infighting and turning on fellow Americans! We need to engage each other in win-win activities. Save the hard edged transactions for interactions with other countries!!!

. What ever happened to the peace dividend? - Does anybody remember?

. The next madness is at hand: the pundits on NPR news are trying to convince the American public that homeownership is not a good thing. Think of it: When we no longer own our house, home and country why would any
one of us care any longer?!? Renting means you'll be renting from someone in Mumbay soon. We need to own and own up!

. Is Meg Whitman going to sell California on eBay to recoup her investment? What makes people assume that someone who got lucky in a corporation can run a government? Government is not just a business, it's a service and doesn't function like like a ".COM" !

. So, the next insanity is going to arise from the Antarctic. Russia is deploying nuclear reactor ships as power sources, building more as we speak. Environmentally safe? I don't think so. You thought the Golf-oil spill was bad, just wait and see what the Russians are going to do up north.

. One major aspect of the economic problem is that: Even if one wants to spend money one cannot get what one needs; this is partially because the goods are so badly described in catalogs and in the stores (when the goods are actually on the shelf) that it is impossible to make an intelligent choice (thanks to the MBA crowd) and there are too many needless and pointless options. Stop marketing by manipulating! Give us clear, well defined choices and we won't exit without a purchase, if you don't tell us what we need to know we'll sooner give up the quest.

. As the age of "Sub-Hooper" is now upon us and the time has come to make a choice: Will we surrender to some demagogue with easy answers, or will we line up behind a new approach that requires reeducating, retraining and rethinking all that used to work but works no more. I think we need to redefine work, redefine what used to allow us to get money for our efforts. As unskilled labor requirements are dwindling we need to allow one day a week for education - half lecture, half study for everybody; and it must be paid time as part of the work week. Study any thing you like, but study one day a week. The other essential thing is to distribute the opportunities towards production of goods or services so as to allow considerable more work from remote locations. Find ways to allow more and more of remote work from desktop manufacturing to remote management, remote medicine, remote "you name it".

. When totaling the wasted hours on software that doesn't work the way it is supposed to, software crashes and PC's that do not work right. Bill Gates has killed more people on this planet by way of cumulately wasted hours then Hitler and Stalin combined; and yet here he is playing god with his ill gained foundation money, the money he has abstracted from customers. Instead of fixing the grief he and his company is guilty of he spends his life giving away our hours in terms of money. Requiem. The villain Don Giovanni gets the most applause at the end of the opera, just as Bill does in this ongoing saga.

. Even though it's not the function of our president it might be a gesture well worth while a few hours: Dear Mr. Obama speak personally with the trapped miners in South America showing that we care enough to take pause. Such a gesture would buy a lot of good will for very little effort.

. We need to stop turning on each other and bring back some civility. No matter how ludicrous an argument may appear it needs to be dealt with, with respect, objectively and calmly and played against the facts. This is the only way to combat the emotional lunacy that has gripped the nation!
. "The imminent demise of our great nation will not come from the outside but by way of yet another opportunist exciting the idiots we have allowed abundance."

. Remember, even if there are a million members in the tea party movement that is still less than 0.005% of the population.

. Aren't you glad you didn't vote for John McKane for president?
. Stefan Zweig's description of the pre-WW2 times (The World of Yesterday) reads as if it were a description of the USA today. The unstoppable resurgence of the "Untermensch" was, and is again, at hand. What's odd about our own time is that the assault comes from the top as well as from the bottom. The insatiable will soon clash with the disenfranchised and obliterate the middle-ground all together as they go. It seems that the only thing still missing is a good excuse to hide behind. Oddly enough, both parties seem to think they can win with merely a critique in hand, without a game plan, tactics without strategy. So, what will the excuse be? Religion? Oil? Some natural disaster? An epidemic, or just plain the lack of opportunity for the unconnected that arose by way of rampant corruption?
It is obvious to me that the remaining half of the oil should be used for the making of raw materials, transportation should be handled differently. The focus of the nation and indeed the world needs to be on creating lasting high quality products that can be maintained; where functionality complements esthetic's into a healthy stimulating environment for all. Success must be redefined away from amassing pointless things. Renewable's should be king. Win - win should be our credo!

. Mosque, schmosque, everybody should be able to exercise their law given rights; however insisting on such rights by way of insensibility shows the real colors of the Muslem intentions and is undoubtedly offensive. Let them build a monument to their insensibility. We must remember the real issue all the same: Islam is inextricable from islamic law and is thus on an irreconcilable colliding course with the laws of our land, this is where the line must be drawn!!! So get off president Obama's back. He hasn't said anything inappropriate. Republican efforts to turn this issue into yet an other unearned advantage, without real regard for the health and safety of the nation, is equally offensive.

. We have the greatest achievements of mankind ever, already in hand; yet we still carry on with medieval stupidity. Let's redefine our ways of earning a living to allow for payed study time (say 8 hours a week = 20% of work time, 4 hours in class, 4 hours study), study anything at all, but study. The ancillary fallout from a better educated work force would well make up for the time spent - do the numbers, you'll see.

. A successful person has an art collection and cares about literature and esthetics as well as ethics! A great nation expresses itself in great art and architecture.

. Employment isn't going to simply rebound! We have to change expectations and above all redefine ourselves - acquire some skills that are marketable. At the same token many of the fluff-jobs need to be trimmed to where jobs produce real value, not just reactive energy. Start in the HR-departments and with the IT-people. If it takes the IT person more than four hours to fix a problem its not because it's a complicated system, it's because he/she doesn't know his/her stuff! Don't allow the very people who produce the grief to be in charge of complaints!!!

. While it may be true that we shouldn't stop flying because of one air plane accident, it is also true that we shouldn't continue walking on thin ice when the ice is beginning to break up under our very feet. Above all: We shouldn't buy into stupid cliche's just becuse we feel the need for an easy sound-bite fix for complicated issues.

. Throwing money at private contractors to do the contry's security-bidding is bad policy for all of us, especially when there is no accountability for either conduct or billing. Its like throwing more money at a broken school system that keeps getting worse and worse in spite of more and more money.

. Congress has become dysfuntional, as they spend their time on business other than the country's business. If you die this year there is no estate tax resolution, nobody will know what to do with you, how to file or anything of the sort. This is why part of the economy has stopped dead (no pun intended).

. As long as we believe that new applications are new technology the economy will stagnate! New technology is new invention, not just cleverly applying old concepts.

. Yet another mantra is being drilled into our consciousness: "ANGRY, ANGRY, ANGRY .... etc."; I, for one, am saddened and disgusted. Yes, with the news as well as with our representatives, MacNeil has slumped into stretching five minute reports into 15 minutes. Fox news is a biased bad joke just like Russia Today. Hard, obvious questions remain unasked.

. To quote Montesquieu: "A republic depends on the cultivation of virtue." We must thus declare the George Bush years as "The Time of Endarkenment". Bush is a traitor to the constitution and as destroyer of our system checks and balances.


. There is an opportunity to fix the Islamic dilemma right now!!! Let the Mahdi come out of the well (I mean it doesn't have to be a water well) perhaps the well in the Golf. Let him rise like a phoenix out of the ashes and as new prophet let him/her separate religion and law, laying the irreconcilability of Islam once and for all to rest.

. Yet another idiot Republican, Michael Steele, spewing venom; this is not just Barack Obama's war. He and House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio should be removed from office together. When will these guys learn put the good of the country ahed of themselves? I am not thrilled to be a Democrat, but I would be ashamed to be a Republican these days.

. On suicide tourism - forget Switzerland, how about providing growth industry for Al Quaeda, effectively extracating the unemployed Afghan youth from a life of war to self-employment. Here is how it would go: Tired of life, of your disease? Head to Iraq or Afghanistan; and just take a leisurely stroll somewhere in a bikini or some such. Five to nine thousand Dollars in Switzerland, plus the flight. A flight to Kabul ~USD 1500. for the flight and USD 500.- in pocket cash, to" tip the ferry-man". So, here you are in for one last good deed, helping the mid eastern economy onto a path of wealth and respectability.

. Neither George Bush nor Dick Chaney have had their fair trial yet!!! We are still waiting.

. BP has enough money for a disaster of this magnitude, perhaps this is the well from which the Mahdi will emerge?

. Give Mr. Obama a chance! The man hasn't had a quiet moment to work on his own agenda yet. It's almost all brush (or Bush) fire work.

. Stop putting personal political gain before the good of the country.

. Joe Barton's citizenship needs to be revoked on grounds of criminal idiocy, though this man constitutes the best argument for abortion I have yet seen and heared.

. Call what is stupid "stupid", don't make excuses by way of all manner of rational. We have excused "stupid" for much too long! Perhaps facing the truth will change a few minds.

. Change approach to foreign policy - let those who want to beat each others heads in do so. Sell them the weapons to do so if need be. Move in to clean up after they weakened each other. Our current approach doesn't seem to work anyway.

. Link the country with fiberoptics and watch sales explode. Stop spam and viruses and watch confidence grow. Nothing will propell us foreward as free and fast information flow!

. Ask your customers what they need and want, don't presume to dictate what you think they might want. Give us manuals that tell us how to accomplish a task not what the thing is capable of. And spare us the history of computing with every turn of an explaination.

. Want to know how to get Silicone Valley back into the lead? Open the syntax intensive programing languages into a simple mark up language and watch applications thrive. Give us the information required to make informed descisions instad of trying to trick us into purchasing inferior product. Simplify the needless jargon to bring the less savy buyers to buy. People want to buy but cannot make an educated descision without spending endless time.

. We are slipping behind in high tech, low pay for engineering talent is never mentioned, short sighted (quick buck) thinking feeds the sales people while starving the tech talent.

. Is it not obvious that the next implosion is going to be the commercial real estate loans that are coming overdue? And no thanks we don't want to bail out another set of incompetent investors.

. Republican House leader John Boehner and Senator John MacCane appear no longer concerned with the good of the country, they seem more concerned with filling the already overflowing pockets of the MBA crowd on Wall street, they no longer bend the truth they appear to be outright lying.

. Bush doubled the deficit during his ape (8) years - have we all forgotten?

. What happens when the supreme court turns against the population as happened with the free speech for corporations ruling?!

We must not let this issue rest! Remember how Roberts lied himself into the position - well now we have the Bush-shit disaster:

On January 21, 2010, with its ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are persons, entitled by the U.S. Constitution to buy elections and run our government. Human beings are people; corporations are legal fictions. The Supreme Court is misguided in principle, and wrong on the law. In a democracy, the people rule.

. Israel is playing the Iran card! By not showing good faith.

Not good. We are all sick of the mideastern turmoil no matter which ideology or religion it hails from!

No more money for any of them! Let the past take it's course! They don't want to solve their problem, they just want free money. OUR MONEY.

. Imagine the grief that will arise from distributed, decentralized, small nuclear plants! Shipping and guarding, defending them from sabotage and avoiding local craft and corruption alone is enough to make one shudder. Imagine the people that fix the potholes taking care of the nuclear responsibilities. As little chickens make shit too, distributing the nuclear waste will only make the probability of mishap increase. Imagine every Kindergarten with its own nuclear plant ...........

. Bush and Caney deserve a fair trial! We must not let this issue rest! Haul them off to the world court in the Hague, if need be. Put them right along side of Radovan Karadzic.

. One more thing about nuclear issues: YOU, yes you! Must learn the difference between radiation and radioactive your families life will soon depend on it!

. We do not need selfserving book-burners in the supreme court! We need defenders of our constitution! The recent descision about accepting corporate contributions is an outrage.

. Why are our TV stations still broadcasting anamorphic video? They had years to upgrade. They got free extra broadcasting space 3, 4, even five extra channels, so much space they broadcast little else, but repeat materials. The FCC was and is asleep at the wheel again and the States loose tax money.

. One more thing about nuclear issues: YOU, yes you! Must learn the difference between "radiation" and "radioactive" your families life will soon depend on it!

. Got to be careful now! "The Material Support Statute" may make your contribution to the Republican Party a criminal offence, after all they started the Iraq war ...... What becomes very apperant with this law is that our language is failing us. Legislating common sense is not possible because logic, law, physics and math ultimately turn on themselves by way of the precision of our language. Even though we know what needs to be prohibited we cannot define or plug the loophooles anymore and the whole complex decays into a bombast gravey train for manipulators and lawyers. Another battle that cannot be won and can only result in aventual totalitarianism.

. KABUL, Afghanistan — February 23, 2010. To the dismay of his political opponents and many of his international backers, President Hamid Karzai has moved to ensure that he can handpick members of an electoral monitoring commission, removing significant United Nations oversight of future elections. The wolf is now in charge of the hen house - let's get out now! We obviously don't want to win this war.

. President Obama is now promoting nuclear power - it appears that the battle is lost. When somebody that intelligent doesn't grasp the implications and is still hoping to deal with with the ever increasing piles of nuclear waste. To sort the issues out for yourself, you don't need to know the subject intimately, just ask: "What does the military do with their waste?". The industry public'ly states they will secure the waste for 100 years - that's the clue: The half life (where the radio activity drops in half) for low level waste is thousands of years. For weaposn grade material 10 000 000 000 years. Anybody home???!!!???

. A call for NO MORE Religion. Religion is a form of mental illness. If you need a manual to be moral (however you manage to define that) you'll never make it to anybodies heaven anyway. With that goes: No more religious attire - NO MORE UNIFORMS!!!
. President Obama is doing the right thing. The critics will argue either way anyway, so he might as well do the right thing. The army asked for 40k he gave them 30k which is 10k more than they truly asked for (by way of inflating the negotiation.) We cannot go on over-analysing everything! Much of what was said was to put the Taliban into a tail spin - since we finally got a good man, we must trust him and his group; they have more insight than you and I will ever have.

. A call for NO MORE Uniforms.

. In the news: - placing the terrorists into civil court is probably a good thing.

    Giving these people military status elevates them needlessly beyond common scum status!


. A call for NO MORE VICTIMS, let's aim to do business only in win / win mode. It is clear that justice cannot always be done, under such circumstances the burden of injustice has to be born equally by all affected parties.

.A call for an eCUMENICAL COUNCIL by way of the internet. The aim shall be to consolidate the best of all religions guide by thoughts of collective wellness and collective survival of the human race in all it incarnations. Necessary will be the removal of all sectarian administrative talent: The cardinals, the mullahs, the rabbi's etc. (Mullah-chuck!). Then turn the whole complex into a philosophy. OK, OK, I know there is no good will to fix the problem. I know; after all the money earned with grief is the best brace for any economy.

. Reintroduce manners and hygiene into our society. Cover yawning mouths, remove hats when entering, train them to know which fork is which and how to successfully guide it to success.


. Encourage proper use of language, as in: Proper grammar, precise terms. The growth of language should be through metaphor not through ghetto slang!

. Consider: Inflation doesn't just manifest in the price of groceries, inflation shows up in the roads that haven't been repaired, the parks that aren't maintained, it is in the starting salaries of your kids who get less of a salary than when you started 30 some odd years ago. Or when you go overseas and find it takes $7.50 for a cup of coffee. You may even get much deflated prices on furniture only to find out that the pieces will never make it to be passed on to the next generation. Buy a printer and find out that a set of ink cartridges costs more than the printer itself. The list goes on............ Most egregious of all: The Bush administration lied about the real figures by way of changing the base assumptions.

. On the good side I see an administration trying to do the right thing for the country and the rest of the world. Even if they err at times, it is easier to forgive an administration of good will. Mr. Obama you have the mandate - go for it!

. Mr. Obama is not an African American, he is an American; perhaps of African decent. Get over the race business.

. Support the good efforts of our new administration buy your long needed goods now, sensibly, but buy some. Lets get the show back on the road!!!

. Don't presume to know what's best in Afghanistan; let our people in the field make the decisions. None of us who are not over there could possibly know what's needed.

. As I stated before, trickle down doesn't work. Trickle up is much more effective - look at England in the fall of 2009.

. Demand better news coverage. Stretching a five minute story into 15 minutes is not good analyses, especially when obvious misinformation isn't rigorously challenged.

. All foreign language broadcasts on our air waves must be in English or have full translation subtitles or they shouldn't be on our air. English is essential to maintaining our lead in the world - Esperanto will never fly unless we loose it all together.

. Bring ART back in, under the news coverage, let's show a little class. If for no other reason than to show off the Russian news, or the German news for that matter.

. Why is smartly written prose suddenly poetry? No rhyme or reason!? Payola? Friends of management?